KLEXOS: the abandoned reminiscences
2017 ARTBASH Exhibition at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. April 7–21.
Interactive installation project for SAIC's BFA freshmen exhibition. Using painted wooden dowels and custom made 3D printed connectors, an 8-feet tall geodesic dome was created to act as a safe space for people to write down their memories on balloons, as a representation of the temporality of memories and how they change over the passing of time. ​
[ Wooden dowels, 115 3D printed connectors, EVA foam mat, latex balloons, acrylic markers ]

Klexos: (n) The art of dwelling of the past that brings new meaning to the existence.


"Time is linear for humans; we cannot change the past to fix our mistakes or take missed opportunities. But when memories and experiences are examined carefully, they can enrich our current reality and ourselves... Just like balloons, memories do not last forever which is why they should be cherished until they last; they might suddenly pop or slowly, gradually deflate, leaving only the remnants of the shell of an idea. This project invites the audience to enter their personal bubble, a safe, non-intimidating place where they can reminisce their past selves, share memories, and revisit old feelings."


[ fragment from project proposal ]